Food Fixes

Full Playlist: 8 videos


Food Fixes is a new series that will show you how to go to food first for every common ailment and change your relationship with food

FiorellaEats in NYC

Full Playlist: 9 videos


Watch Fiorella cover the tastiest food events in the city and chat with the best chefs and taste makers



Full Playlist: 14 videos


Nutrition RX series details the nutritional profile and health benefits of foods you should be eating!

The Art of Food

Full Playlist: 10 videos


Some of the best artisans in New York City show us the art of food! Mustard, gelato, & pizza just to start!

Cooking with FiorellaEats

Full Playlist: 23 videos


Change your relationship with food by cooking real food full of flavor, color, texture and nutrition!

The Healthy Entertaining Guide

Full Playlist: 20 videos


Believe it or not, you CAN throw a party and serve your guests healthy delicious food! Fiorella will show you how!

Meals for One!

Full Playlist: 12 videos


Get in touch with your food! You will definitely have time for my quick & easy Meals for One! packed with flavor & nutrition!