Fiorella's Salad

This is THE salad that I will put my name on because it is one of my very favorites--easy to assemble, mostly prepped for you and just fresh and delicious. The flavor profiles in this salad came to me after eating a Hawaiian influenced Tuna Poke and then I just added some of my favorites components to it.

Flavor Profiles: Avocado, Roasted Salted Macadamia Nuts, Coconut flakes, Ginger-Wasabi Dressing (could also be substituted for Pesto sauce) and Squeeze of lemon.

Where to Buy and Take a Walk

Agata and Valentina- For good quality sushi grade sashimi got to Agata and Valentina, walk there! You can do Whole Foods too but I prefer A&V. They have both tuna and salmon and it comes with a dipping sauce that you can use as a dressing for the salad. A&V also offers wasabi and ginger that you can put in your salad. You can add any combo of the two or add eel (Unagi) or their cooked shrimp. While there check the “Hot Foods” section for jumbo grilled shrimp, rather than cocktail shrimp in plastic containers which tend to be gummy. Ask for a taste! Quality is important here!

Walk to any Duane Reade, Walgreens, or convenience store that is at least 10 blocks away, South from A&V (but push for 20 blocks) to pick up your packet of Macadamia nuts, salted and roasted is best or do this yourself when you get home.

Then head back up to the Nut House on 8th and grab some coconut flakes too!

Next, Walk up to the Union Square market to get your Spinach or Arugula, Avocado and Lemon.

Walk: Potential 40-45 min walk

Nutrition Rx: Protein, iron, fiber, folate, Vitamin A, K, Omega 3's


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