New Year’s Eve Mocktails for Your Kids

New Year’s Eve conjures up images of dancing, merriment and partygoers dressed to the nines. If I close my eyes I can almost hear laughter and the clicking of champagne flutes. And…footsteps?

In the Victorian Era, “First-Footing” referred to the first person to cross the threshold of your door after midnight. Queen Victoria was a big celebrant of the holiday, and loved gift-giving on December 31st. After the stoke of twelve, visitors would bring family and friends a gift of bread, salt or greenery to ensure a prosperous New Year.

To ring in the New Year with my three-year-old twins, I decided to whip up some kid friendly “mocktails.” It becomes quite a celebration when serving Milk & Sprinkles, Gummy Bear Flutes and Cran-Gelato Floats!

Milk & Sprinkles

8 small plastic cups (I used 9oz)

Multi colored sprinkles


Pour a small amount of honey (you can use melted chocolate if you prefer) into a bowl. In another bowl, shake in a coating of sprinkles. Next, dip the rim of the plastic cup into the honey. Then dip the honey coated end into the sprinkles. Turn right side up and pour in desired amount of milk. Repeat all steps seven more times. This creates such festive, and edible, cup decorations!

Serves 8

Gummy Bear Flutes

8 mini plastic champagne flutes

Apple juice (or another light colored clear juice)

Gummy bears

Attach the top of the flutes to the bases. Add a few gummy bears to the bottom of all the glasses. Next, pour in the juice, filling two-thirds of the way to the top. Cut the juice with water before pouring in if you want it more diluted. The kids will have fun sipping and reaching in for the candy when the juice is gone!

Serves 8

Cran-Gelato Floats

8 mini plastic coupe champagne glasses (half bowl shaped stemmed glasses)

Vanilla bean gelato

4 strawberries

1 tablespoon mini chocolate chips (or carob chips)

Cranberry cocktail juice

First assemble the plastic champagne glasses. Next, dice three of the strawberries, and slice the fourth. Scoop desired amount of gelato into the glasses. Then pour cranberry juice into a little cup and add a small amount around the gelato. Sprinkle diced berries and mini chips on top. Lastly, place a strawberry slice in the glass at one side of the gelato. With these to toast with, your little partygoers will certainly exclaim “Buon Anno!”

Serves 8

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