Holiday Season Kiddie Snacks

The holiday season is in full swing in my home. My three-year-old twin daughters sing festive songs at the breakfast table, create drawings for their friends and dance to holiday tunes. They just embarked on a project to make greeting cards for all the kids in their preschool class. We certainly have been busy! Of course there is also a ton of “what gifts am I getting.” To try to keep their minds off of potential presents, we have been spending extra time in the kitchen.

My daughters decided they wanted to make special holiday goodies for their various play-dates. They wanted jolly, snowy and fun. With that wish list in mind we created Strawberries & Cream Santas, Cheese Stick Snowmen and Candy Cane Sleighs. Hope these treats will keep everyone jolly!

Strawberries & Cream Santas

8 strawberries

3/4 cup whipped cream

16 mini chocolate chips

First remove the green leafy stems off the strawberries. Then slice the top off each berry. This will become a tiny hat.

Stand each berry up on its widest part. Then place whipped cream on each strawberry and pop the little “hat” on top. Put a small bit of whipped cream at the tip…to be an edible pom-pom.

Then add two mini chocolate chips in the cream Santa “face” for eyes. Lastly, using a toothpick, create mini whipped cream buttons down the front of the berries.

Eat immediately or store in the fridge.

Serves 8

Cheese Stick Snowmen

One pack of individually wrapped string cheese (8 will be used)

3/4 inch white felt rounds

Black construction paper (black felt can also be used)

Markers: orange and black

Red ribbon (aprox 3/8 inch wide by 7 1/4 inches long)

Place a cheese stick with the rounded part up on a flat surface. Next, draw a face on a white felt round…using black for the eyes and mouth, and orange for the “carrot” nose.

Next, cut a little hat out of the black construction paper. Glue the hat to the top of the felt face. After it dries, tape the face to the top part of the cheese stick.

Then tie on the ribbon, and the snowman has a little scarf!

Serves 8

Candy Cane Sleighs

8 Hershey’s snack size chocolate bars

16 mini candy canes

16 Tiny Teddies Biscuits 1/4 cup chocolate nibs/frosting

Unwrap the mini candy canes and chocolate bars. I cut off part of the chocolate bars so they fit better on the candy canes. Then melt the chocolate nibs or open the container of frosting.

Next, using spoon, place a small bit of melted chocolate or frosting on the top part of a chocolate bar (bumpy side) and stick two candy canes to it. The curled ends will face up when the chocolate bar “sleigh base” is resting on them. Let it sit so the melted chocolate/frosting “glue” can harden. The melted chocolate will keep it together longer but frosting is a good alternative if you are in a rush and not going too far.

Lastly, put two little dollops of melted chocolate or frosting on top of the chocolate bar and press a Teddy into each one. Allow the melted chocolate/frosting to harden. Store in a cool place until ready to eat.

Serves 8

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