Fun Thanksgiving Snacks that Kids love To Eat and Make!

As Thanksgiving draws closer, I started talking to my three-year-old twin daughters about gratitude. When I asked them what they are thankful for they went down the list of family, friends ands toys they appreciate. I had to smile when one hugged the other and said “Sister, I am thankful for you!” Let’s hope these warm feelings last when it is time to decide who tells Santa first what they want for Christmas!

To celebrate the season the girls and I made some fun holiday inspired treats to share with their friends. My kids love to help out in the kitchen, and get a real sense of accomplishment when they get to munch on a snack they helped create. Together we whipped up acorn bites, sugar cone cornucopias and a fruit turkey.

Acorn Bites

For little nature-lovers, these adorable acorn bites are irresistible. Simple, petite and fun, these snacks have a dash of peanut butter protein.

6 Hersey’s Kisses

6 Mini Nilla wafers

6 Peanut butter chips (can substitute with butterscotch chips)

Peanut butter (can substitute with sunflower butter)

Unwrap a Hershey’s Kiss and put a dab of peanut butter on the flat side. Then stick it to the flat (underside) of a Nilla wafer. Next, place a tiny bit of peanut butter on the flat part of a peanut butter chip and attach it to the top of the wafer in the center. The peanut butter acts as “glue.”

Serves 6

Sugar Cone Cornucopias

My daughters insisted on two types of raisins in their sugar cone cornucopias. This kiddie version of the symbol of plenty is overflowing with fiber!

6 Sugar ice cream cones

Dark raisins

Golden raisins

Dried cranberries

Peanut butter chips (can substitute with butterscotch chips)

Dip the pointed end of an ice cream cone in a cup of warm water (about 1- 1 1/2 inches) and hold for 20 seconds. While it sits, take a straw, put it in the cup and trap some water in it by placing your finger on the end. Release the water into the bottom of the cone. Remove the cone from the cup, dump out any water not absorbed and place it in a microwave for 20 seconds. After letting it cool for a minute or so, curl the still warm end around the straw. Hold for a few seconds and then slide the straw out. Let the cone set for a little bit so the end keeps its shape. Fill the cone with raisins, dried cranberries and peanut butter chips. If you want to save these treats for later, place some plastic wrap around the open end and keep it in place by tying it with ribbon.

Serves 6

Fruit Turkey

Your kids will gobble up this fruit turkey…without any leftovers! Fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals, and this snack has a bushel to choose from.

1 pear

2 mini chocolate chips (can substitute with carob chips)

Red grapes



Cantaloupe chunks

Pretzel sticks

Cut the pear in half, removing the core. Place half the pear on a plate, cut side down. Remove the stems from the strawberries and cut them in half. Arrange the berries around the pear in an arch, leaving the bottom unadorned. Next, place the cut cantaloupe chunks around the strawberries. Save a chunk to carve into the bird’s beak and feet. Then slice the bananas and create a rainbow shape by arranging them above the cantaloupe. Finally, add grapes to the outer edge of the fruit arch. Place the two mini chips as eyes for the turkey. Add the cantaloupe beak and feet. Finish it all off by scattering a few pretzel sticks below the fruit turkey’s feet.

Serves 6 or more

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