Healthy Halloween Snacks That Your Kids Will Love!

With the mere mention of Halloween my two daughters start to giggle and dance about. For them the holiday means a new costume, a few parties and yes, candy! The thought of baskets full of chocolate, candy corn and sugary lollipops makes me want to dash for my toothbrush. But this holiday doesn't have to mean a trip to the pediatric dentist. There are lots of healthy and cute options to make young trick-or-treaters smile, showing off teeth in tip-top shape.

Luckily my kids love fruit and most veggies, so I can usually create healthy options for them to snack on. In anticipation of Halloween they had a dress rehearsal in their costumes. As they pranced around I created a few holiday themed goodies to make it a real celebration. Cheesy spiders, banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins were on the menu.

Cheesy Spiders

It may seem as if your kids have grown eight arms as they scramble to grab these protein rich cheesy spider snacks! You will need a few simple ingredients to create these adorable arachnids.

6 mini Babybel cheeses Pretzel sticks Mini chocolate chips (as an alternative carob chips can be used)

Poke pretzel sticks into a mini-Babybel cheese. Then create a face with mini chocolate chips. Place two chips for eyes and three chips for a mouth.

Serves 6

Banana Ghosts

Get ready for some happy ghouls with these banana ghosts. Extremely easy to make and potassium rich, these nibbles are sure to disappear before you can say “Boo!”

6 bananas 12 regular size chocolate chips 24 mini chocolate chips (as an alternative carob chips can be used for the regular and mini chips)

Peel bananas and cut them in half horizontally. Then create a face on each half of the banana. Use two small chips for eyes and one large chip for a mouth.

Serves 12

Clementine Pumpkins

My kids love anything mini and these little clementine pumpkins are bewitching. Simple and vitamin C rich, there are no tricks with these treats.

6 clementines Celery sticks

Peel clementines and cut celery into small sticks. Place celery into the tops of the clementines.

Serves 6

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