Top 6 Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is a big part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle but is also one of the most difficult things for people to add into their busy schedules or just motivate themselves to do. There are many ways to incorporate the recommended 60 minutes for kids and 30 minutes for adults of daily exercise into your everyday lives.

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Here are 3 quick ways to incorporate exercise into your life with less stress and more healthy fun!

1. Take the stairs!

More often than not we tend to take the easy way out and use the elevator but just making this simple switch can provide a good chunk of cardio into your day that will pay off in the end!

2. Dance

Signing up for a group zumba, salsa or even just going out for a girls night of dancing is not only a wonderful and powerful workout but can relieve stress and give you a fun new way to burn those calories! Or do what I do: get a great you tube playlist together and dance in the privacy of your room- make the playlist at least 30 minutes long! Dance your butt off!

3. Walking

Whether this means walking to and from work or going on a long nature walk, walking is always a simple and laid back way to get active and get outside! NYC is the best city for this - take advantage of it and save money too!

All this hard work is not for nothing! Here are the top 6 benefits of exercise!

1. More energy

The more your blood is pumping and your body is moving, the more energy will be released! A healthy and active person will have more ability to perform activity because of the work put in to exercise.

2. Positive mood

In accordance with the increase in energy, the increase in blood flow and release of happy chemicals into your brain switches your mood to positive.

3. Keeps your heart healthy

This is connected to the increase in blood flow and the overall excretion of bad chemicals and toxins in the body that negatively effect your heart and health.

4. Improves self-confidence

By exercising daily along with eating nutritious and whole meals, you can achieve your goals and become a better version of yourself overall.

5. Better nights sleep

The acceleration and deceleration of body temperature during and post workout promotes sleep so exercise later in the day can allow for a good nights rest.

6. Better skin

Since blood carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body it is no surprise that the increase in blood flow can provide major skin repair and the clearing up of skin overall.

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