Taralli Cheese Board (video)

Every occasion calls for a gorgeous cheese board with endless regional Italian cheeses to choose from! Every region specializes in its own cheese and flavors are expressions of the season and type of grass grazed on by the cow, sheep, goat or buffalo. Add Neapolitan Taralli, a savory cracker made with wheat flour and formed into a ring flavored with garlic, almonds, pepper and fennel, often found on the streets of Spaccanapoli or Palermo. My favorite taralli are made in my home town in Naples, and are smothered in lard - a crunchy, savory heaven!

Tips for a Great Cheese Board:

  • Pick at least three cheeses. Vary texture: hard, soft and vary flavor: strong, mild

  • My favorites are smoked scamorza, fresh ricotta and marinated mozzarella di bufalo

  • Add crostini or taralli to spread cheese on

  • Add seasonal fruit as a palate cleanser! This time I chose apples for their crisp bite, with a squeeze lemon juice to keep them from browning

  • Drizzle Sicilian honey on fresh ricotta and add sprinkle of walnuts or pistachio

  • Prepare one crostini to demonstrate to your guests how to serve themselves!

Nutrition RX:

When consumed in moderation, cheese can be a healthy, delicious snack. Cheese is high in protein and calcium, which is vital to our bone health. Cheese is also a source of vitamin B12. Breads and crackers are sources of carbohydrates, our friend not the enemy, they are our body's' main source of energy!

For inspiration check out Cheese Plate, Truffle Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup, Classic Salumi Board!

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