Hot Off the (Food) Press! Foodieodicals 2017 Top Picks

Who says print is dead? Not the swarms of foodies and (cook) book enthusiasts who swarmed the annual Food Book Fair! This year they took the annual festival centering the intersection of food culture and food systems to the Ace Hotel in Manhattan. The event has been dubbed the 'Coachella of writing about eating," "a voracious reader's dream," and "food geek heaven," and spotlights food media — books, magazines, television, film and radio. As always the Foodieodicals (food + periodicals) is our favorite place (check out our past Foodieodical Picks here) to gather with other foodies and check out new, alternative and independent magazines on the market. Here are my favorites:

1. Cured

If that leg of cured pork isn't enough to draw you in, I don't know what will. Cured is the first magazine to focus exclusively on the age old cooking technique: preservation. That includes food and drinks that have been fermented, preserved, and of course cured. Not only does it touch upon preservation techniques, they also feature writers and artists who touch on art, science, and fashion. What drew me in, apart from the stellar cover shot, was the feature of the gut microbiome--a hot new topic not only in the food world, but also in nutrition and research!

2. Cherry Bombe

We've raved about Cherry Bombe in the past (see here). But I can't help but stop by their booth every year. How can I walk past a publication celebrating food and women? The newest issue of the bi-annual publication stars the Domestic Goddess herself, Martha Stewart! In this hefty issue you'll also find features on a female duo that created their own rosé, sweets infused with a controversial secret ingredient (some may know her as maryjane), and of course summer recipes! Get the latest issue and back issues too (featuring Padma Lakshmi, Lena Dunham, Chrissy Teigan, and Christina Tosi). Check out their podcast and keep an eye out for their cookbook!

3. Overseasoned

Overseasoned is a monthly publication of handmade (and handwritten!) mini cookbooks featuring seasonal recipes. I picked up the April issue and can't wait to try the Mini Mango Citrus Cheesecakes & Spicy Thai Noodle Bowl! I also picked up a "Smash the Garlic and the Patriarchy" tote because everyone should know (and should be one as well) that I'm a foodie and feminist!

4. TableTop

While not technically a food publication, Table Top is a consortium that brings together food-focused comics, literature, and illustration. They literally had two tables filled with art books, comics, illustrations, post cards and posters. Some of my favorites were the postcards of illustrated Korean dishes and Strumpet: Tasty Issue, a transatlantic annual focusing on women telling stories in comics form - this issue focuses on origin stories.

5. Food & City

Food + City explores the food system, the realities of how we feed our cities and inspire action. This publication explores how food moves around the world, the surprising complexity of distribution, how politics, economics, and trade create (and thwart) food crises, and much, much more. Its easy to think about food at an individual level, but it's important to be aware of where our food comes from and the systemic issues.

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