Coffee Con 2017: Brewing Our Top Picks

Coffee Con 2017 was an absolute delight filled with the aroma of rich and delicious coffee, paired with good vibes and creativity. Coffee Con is the world’s first all-consumer coffee festival with locations in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago with varying dates. They set up convention-style with many booths presenting different coffee products. Here are some honorable delicious picks that particularly stood out to me!

1. Joe

Here I tried the most interesting coffee of the day. It was roasted with various fruits along with your typical coffee bean. It was so light but rich with flavor and it was very subtle but the fruits added such a wonderful dynamic to the coffee. I absolutely adored it and would love to try more. Check them out at their different locations in NYC and Philly!

2. Birch Coffee

The vibe that radiated from the Birch Coffee booth was so positive and relaxed that it drew me in right away. I ended up purchasing a T-shirt because I just loved the entire look they had. Their espresso was rich, thick, the type of roast that travels through your mouth to your nose and creates such a delightful sensation. I would definitely recommend checking out this wonderful coffee shop with multiple locations in NYC.

3. Cafe Grumpy

This booth had such a cute and humorous logo that drew me in. I tried their espresso and was highly impressed with the depth of the roast. It was thick and almost woody with a cool flow of flavors. They were very sweet considering they are called “Cafe Grumpy”. I loved the look, coffee and people. They are located in both Manhattan and Brooklyn so definitely check them out!

4. Sans Bakery

This booth is home to one of the best gluten-free brownies I have ever tasted. After taking various shots of espresso it was a wonderful transition into chocolatey goodness. They specialize in gluten-free baked goods that they strive to make so delicious that you wouldn’t even know they were gluten-free, I was definitely fooled! Try them out for yourself at various different coffee shops in NYC, one of them being Birch Coffee!

5. Coffee Club of NYU

This booth was very impressive in particular because this is a coffee shop run by students at NYU who just love coffee! Their coffee was absolutely delicious and wonderfully rich and they expressed to me their love for coffee and their drive to learn more about all things coffee! Definitely go check out this new shop, recently opened on 100 3rd ave between 12th & 13th Streets!

6. Underwest Donuts

This was such an exciting booth containing a variety of beautifully crafted and baked donuts! I tried the Raspberry Yogurt donut and it was creamy with a zing of raspberry, simply to die for! I was very intrigued by their various other flavors and would love to go back for more! Try them out at their two NYC locations!

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