Living in Italian Ingredient Spotlight: Peppers

May 1, 2017

Italy's Mediterranean climate is ideal for growing many different types of peppers. Learn more about the health benefits of cooking with all peppers and recipe ideas to try at home! 


Nutrition RX:

  • Pickled Friggitello- the capsaicin in these peppers help to reduce pain from headaches and arthritis

  • Pepperoncini- Frequently turned into red pepper flakes, the pepperoncini can increase metabolism and reduce inflammation

  • Sweet Bell Peppers - these varieties are high in Vitamin C and provide the body with anti-oxidants such as beta-carotene

For more Cooking Videos using these peppers, check out: Living in Italian: Spicy Escarole, Living in Italian: Fennel Pepper Flatbread, and Nutrition RX: Vegetables



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