ArtExpo 2017: My Hungry Guide to the Festival

Art is about the way it makes you feel right? Well that's at least what some say. A gloomy, rainy day in NYC at Pier 94 made me pick my favorite artists. To be honest, I felt hungry--it was between lunch and dinner, and my hunger grew as I walked throughout the lanes filled with art, artists and plenty of characters. Literally my hunger grew! As we know, hunger is an antagonistic, anxious feeling coinciding with longing and manifesting our most primordial needs. Hunger can make us wild, voracious and angry and this my friends is how I felt when I picked my favorites for this article. The Art Expo is a yearly fine art destination that hosts more than 25,000 art enthusiasts spanning from those who love art, act like they love art, or artist themselves. All are welcome to look, eat, listen to talks and buy.

Here are my hunger induced picks:

1. Ella Kogan

Ella Kogan's collection of sculptures halted my pace with tragic faces molded only with the angst that a Russian from St. Petersburg can create about life, culture and humans. She tells me that she lets the sculpture guide her--she creates eyes first and from there she follows them. Teeming with opinion and sardonic edge, her sculptures like "Forgotten Woman," "Old Jewish Woman," and "The Monk" possess an indignant look into a work that they are from. I feel sorry for the Forgotten Woman. She spoke earnestly about her "Man in a Strait Jacket" that was featured at the exhibit.

2. Berndnau Smilde & RJ Muna

Berndnaut Smilde and photographer RJ Muna were the belles du ball this year at the festival with the ACJ Nimbus work comprised of three scenes: " Serenity","Freedom", and "Harmony." Smilde creates the clouds by spraying a fine mist of water in the air, and then blowing smoke onto it. This technique echoes the liberty of movement, relaxation and peacefulness that are the hallmark of travel in an Airbus corporate jet by creating clouds in rooms. Ahhh peace. Check out the series here.

3. Jacinthe Dugal Lacroix

Lacroix has been sculpting for the last 20 years. This artist using touch to guide her vision in these dramatic and poignant pieces of full and partial bodies. She uses bronze culture to explore human body and movement. See more of her works here.

4. Roger Wood

Roger Wood collects unique objects from flea markets to sculpt his "Exploding Clock" series. They look like decoy that belong in a Tim Burton movie. Time Flies. The Romans knew that as it was personified. Time is ticking away as we grasp for lovely things to look at.

5. Lisa Renberg

Lisa Renberg's figure paintings seems to be drenched and disintegrating, falling and grasping. The figures in couples are forlorn, real, and enveloped each other as they clasp onto one another for dear life. See more clinging to life here.

By the way, that evening, I ate rare steak, an old-fashioned and a cadbury egg that I got on sale.

*Images from respective artists' websites.

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