A Foodie Guide to Smorgasburg 2017!

Its that time of year again! The weather heating up and outdoor markets are back! How can we forget about the phenomenon known as Smorgasburg? We are no strangers to this Brooklyn open-air food market (check out our annual Smorgas-picks here!). Last Sunday, I checked out what's new at the Smorgasburg: Prospect Park! After a long and vast trek through the concrete jungle I was lucky to emerge upon the mouth-watering aroma of various delicious foods near the Lincoln Rd. entrance of Prospect Park.

Here are my Top 5 Favorites of Smorgasburg 2017:

1. John’s Juice

John’s Juice was one of the big stars at Smorgasburg. Their delicious and fresh-squeezed juices served in the fruits themselves were all everyone could talk about. Not only were they refreshing (perfect for the hot sunny day and the extremely long lines at Smorgasburg) but they are aesthetically pleasing for the perfect insta post!

2. Big Mozz Sticks

Another line that stretched the length of four booths was the Big Mozz Sticks. They were super delicious and super popular amongst the crowd. The seasoning on the mozzarella sticks was a spicy yet savory flavor followed by a oozing and gooey mozzarella center. The marinara topped it all off for the perfect side dip for an amazing finger food.

3. The Good Batch Ice Cream Sandwich

After munching on some unique foods, many ventured to the Good Batch ice cream sandwich stand. Deliciously sweet and creamy ice cream stuffed between two crunch and doughy cookies is the best way to top of the meal. The nuts in the ice cream added a crunch and an extra savory flavor to the art of the ice cream sandwich.

4. Federoff’s Steaks

Upon arrival, a line that many seemed to gravitate towards, mainly because of the savory and cheesy smell, was the Federoff’s Steaks, Philly cheese steak booth. The steaks were prepared on a hot stove top grill sizzling and chopped up with onions and delicious seasoning. Once placed on the buns the gooey cheese is melted on top and your choice of toppings is added. The flavor was extremely satisfying, between a gooey and savory cheese and the salty and aromatic steak, this was one of the top booths of the day.

5. Ramen Burger

The Ramen Burger booth was an extremely unique and delicious creation. The line was extremely long and many individuals seemed satisfied and excited for the delicious treat. This burger consisted of two buns created out of ramen with the center of a patty and vegetables of variety. It was not only enticing but savory, smokey, salty and very satisfying.

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