6 Tasty Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

Water is incredibly important for hydrating your cells, regulating body temperature, and lubrication, not to mention that it makes up 50-60% of the adult human body! If you’re sick of plain water, try these 6 tasty ways to enjoy water while increasing your fluid intake!

1. Fruit Infusion

Infusing your water with fruit is a healthy way to add flavor, antioxidants, and a hint of sweetness. You can either mash or slice fruit to add different degrees of flavor. Try mixed berries, watermelon, or apples and pears!

2. Bubbles

Seltzer is a great way to add a fun, fizzy texture to your water, and it hydrates just as well! Use it in conjunction with a flavor to spruce up your water even more. Bring on the bubbles!

3. Splash of Citrus

Lemons and limes contain vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, which aids in iron absorption and helps build collagen. Squeeze some lemon juice or lime juice into your water for these health benefits and a fresh, tart burst of flavor!

4. Herbs

Herbs are another great way to add a new dimension of flavor to your water. They add an earthy flavor and will give your water a little something different. Many herbs have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for added health benefits. Try basil, mint, rosemary, or pair different herbs with fruit for a dynamic flavor combination!

5. Juice Cubes

Orange and grapefruit juice also contain a healthy dose of vitamin C, but are slightly sweeter alternatives to lemons and limes. Squeeze fresh juice from these fruits into ice cube trays and freeze them. Add the juice cubes to your water, and taste the flavor as they melt!

6. Unsweetened Iced Tea

Like others mentioned above, tea contains heart healthy antioxidants. If you’re trying to cut back on coffee, tea can be used as an alternative, as it usually contains less caffeine. Brew tea, refrigerate it, and add ice cubes for a healthy and tasty way to hydrate!

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