Foodie Finds Art: NYC Affordable Art Fair 2017

Image: Tami Bahat Photography

New York welcomes the Affordable Art Fair every year with fine emerging artists and a diverse set of galleries from all over the world offering reasonably priced art for the rest of us. The prices range from $100-$10,000 and often you will find the artist there to answer all your questions. The fair expands each year with events like the Private Preview to Art After Dark to Friday's Pinot and Paint, great fun alone or with a group of friends to enjoy painting, sculpture and photography. For art and a nibble, Melt was on the scene with some grilled cheesy options and Intrinsic Wine Co and Heartland Brewery to put us all in the mood and to be #arthappy!

1. Sebastian Perinotti

His Polaroid art caught me with their sexy period feel. I had a flash of Paul Morrissey movies and the raw appeal of Joe Dallesandro in Perinotti's subjects. I spoke to the artist who was a gregarious Argentinian artist who now lives in NYC- slightly mischievous with an eye for flesh and an appreciation for the realism and draping in tousled bed sheets. The artist was there and now so are you. The Spence Gallery had two favorites of mine.

2. Carl Karni Bain

He pulls from African masks in his work, which has a primitive appeal yet contemporary. And for me a dark appeal, and by that I mean with depth and serious introspection- the artist allows you can choose the subject.

3. Ross Bonfanti Bonfanti's HeavyHeads series, stopped me in my tracks with his mold/sculptures and use of toys and children's objects in his work. Check out his concrete toy dolls (toy parts) on his website. Interestingly, I did not think toys, I thought concrete oddities like babies in jar in medial curiosity museum with with a whimsical touch. Shows you where my mind is.

4. Tami Bahat

Bahat's prints have the classical ambience of the classical masters but in purely modern photographic form- and love the collection of vintage frames that adorn the prints. The artist seems to be an old soul, clasping beautifully a bygone aesthetic into her modern work and subjects. Look at her Subsurface, Reflection and Wildlife series, unearthly and sublime with a dash of David Lynch.


5. Noel Hamlyn Her "Dictionary" sculpture re-purposes books so she can "reframe" them but repeat their past lives. I adore books and in our Kindle world, I look for any way to keep old, bound books here. Her work with textures and her drive to find these damaged books and spin a new tale from them is romantic and humanitarian- at least in my view.

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