Calling All Meat Lovers!

The minute I entered Flushing Town Hall for the Charcuterie Masters Event on February 25th I was engulfed with the smokey and savory aroma of charcuterie, meats, cheeses and beers. The many vendors tables were set up carnival-style so you could walk through the event and explore the many different tables and the delicious foods they had to offer and we were allied to vote for our favorite table.

Here are my top 5:

The Casemiro eBom Gourmet House drew the most interest. The display consisted of hanging dried legs of cured meat. After asking about the process I was told that the meat was cured for five years! The delicious, salty, smokey and rugged flavor is due to the long and tailored process.

The Smoking Goose featured salumi, sausages, dry cured and smoked meats. The prosciutto I tasted had a salty, savory and smoky flavor. The texture was tough but easy to bite through. The smoky aroma is what drew me into this table the most. It was absolutely delicious!

The Pork Mafia featured various pork rubs made by pit master Phil! The variety was consisted of smokey, spicy and savory rubs that will delight your taste buds. Pit master Phil began his meat smoking and rub making journey by just creating different seasoning and entering into barbecue contests. He then expanded into selling rubs four years ago and has various different angles to his business. You can purchase rubs on their website.

The Brooklyn Cider House. What better to go with your charcuterie than some cider? They provided two different ciders to taste that were absolutely delicious. They make their ciders from fresh locally grown apples that are fermented over time. The “bone dry” is made with a completely fermented apple. It had a fresh tart taste that was not as sweet as the “kinda dry” which was stopped towards the end of the fermenting process. You can visit their website to purchase and learn more about the delicious drinks!

The Bridgeport Creamery was an oasis for a cheese-lover like myself. Of all the creamy, salty, rich and tangy cheeses I tasted, my favorite had to be the Dill Chive. It was the perfect combination of creamy, salty and herbal. Another booth consisting of all local, natural and delicious ingredients. Made locally and definitely made with love.

The event was not only a treat for the attendees but informational as well. One attendee stated that he was there to learn more about charcuterie and it seemed as though that was accomplished. The entire event was a delicious and exciting experience. I encourage everyone to visit the mentioned restaurants and purchase the mentioned goods, you will not be disappointed! Visit the event page to see who attended and had booths to also access websites and try some charcuterie and other delightful foods for yourself!

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