A Taste For Chocolate: Morris Jumel Mansion

Are you an avid chocolate lover? Well the historians and chocolate lovers at the Morris Jumel Mansion in Washington Heights have opened a educational, informational and delicious exhibit to expand your knowledge of the sweet treat. In an interview with executive director, Carol S. Ward, described her passion for chocolate and what sparked her interest in the museum. Growing up, her family was very passionate about chocolate, through collections and historical knowledge they sparked the interest and taught her a lot about the cocoa plant and all it has to offer.

Carol S. Ward, Executive Director of Morris Jumel Mansion

The impact of chocolate, not only in New York City but throughout the world, has expanded through pop culture and the import and export from country to country. The historic home that houses the museum stands at 252 years old. The opening of this exhibit has brought history to life and has connected the contemporary love we all have for chocolate to its rich and historic background.

The exhibit consists of historic rooms, books, art and artifacts that are connected with the development and history of chocolate. Throughout the exhibit you will learn about the import and export of chocolate as well as view historic books and articles that bring you through the growth of the sweet treat.

When asked what interested them individuals who attended the event seemed intrigued by the historic nature of the exhibit along wth the fact that it was centered around chocolate! “I have a sweet tooth for history!” exclaimed Jose Sosa after discussing what he liked most about the exhibit. Lainey Freels expressed that she was fascinated by the historic background chocolate withholds.

After chatting with many guests, it was apparent that a lot of individuals would be revising the museum and are very interested in the other events that the museum has to offer. Brittany Lester, in charge of marketing for the exhibit, expressed that the exhibit is “one more way to reach out to the community…everyone loves chocolate!”. They definitely did reach out to the community, with 300 individuals who RSVP’d to the event and plenty interested in future events.

Not only does the exhibit have a lot of history and art but there is a lovely gift shop downstairs that I truly recommend taking a peak at! This is where I was offered a taste of chocolate and it was absolutely delicious. They had some chocolate open for tasting and some for sale. The chocolate beads I tasted were sweet, smooth and melted in my mouth. While perusing through the gift shop, I was delighted to see chocolate soaps, lotions and other fun chocolate themed/scented things!

So if you are a chocolate lover and would love to learn more about this wonderful treat I suggest you visit the Morris Jumel Mansion and walk around the A Taste of Chocolate exhibit. You will be delighted by this sweet and wonderful historic home. And check out all events at the Morris Jumel Mansion here!

Nutrition RX:

Dark chocolate has a fair amount of soluble fiber and minerals. It is also full off antioxidants and may improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. In the long run it may help prevent heart disease. All this plus it is happy on the taste buds can brighten your mood and overall, your day.

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