Top 5 Living in Italian Pantry Staples

The heart of any Italian's home is the kitchen! Stock your pantry the Living in Italian way with Fiorella's top 5 staples to dress up any Italian dish or add an Italian flare to any protein or vegetable dish!

Top 5 Living in Italian Pantry Staples:

Pantry Staple #1: Marinara Sauce

The mother of all Italian ingredients. Just 5 basic ingredients and you've got the base to countless Italian dishes! My family has a long tradition of jarring tomatoes every September, the same ones we use for marinara sauce. Read more about it here in Nutrition RX: Tomato.

Pantry Staple #2: Pesto

Nothing says fresh and flavorful like a glob of pesto! Change up the herbs and nuts/seeds to your taste, you can never go wrong with the flavor combinations! Here's my Pesto recipe using a mix of nuts and basil!

Pantry Staple #3: Dijon Mustard

Although not Italian (we do love the French!). Dijon mustard instantly elevates any dish (and cocktail), adding that savory, tangy bite! Maille Mustard is the best for all Dijon novices! Check out the Art of Mustard here!

Pantry Staple #4: Truffles

Want to make any dish Italian & decadent? One word: truffles. My favorite are Urbani Truffles.

Pantry Staple #5: Parmigiano Reggiano

Don't ever forget the cheese! Head to DiPalo's where they keep it authentic in Little Italy. Watch our video with owner, Lou DiPalo here!

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