Living in Italian: Spicy Bay Shrimp

February 7, 2017


Italians love their seafood! Using simple ingredients like olive oil and my sister Tina's secret ingredient for a spicy kick, I'll show you how to make this easy shrimp dish with 3 ingredients!


In her new series, Living in Italian: NYC Fiorella draws on her Italian roots to show how you can Get in Touch with Your Food & live a healthy lifestyle by cooking in your New York City apartment! 


Spicy Bay Shrimp Ingredients:

  • Jumbo Shrimp, butterflied

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Sea Salt

  • Bay Seasoning


  1. Butterfly you shrimp with the shells on and place into a large bowl.

  2. Toss with olive oil and season with sea salt. Liberally season with bay seasoning and toss to coat.

  3. Place in an even layer onto a broiler pan. 

  4. Broil (~525F) shrimp for one minute, flip and let broil for another minute. 

  5. Serve with slices of lemon and parsley and enjoy! 


Spicy Bay Shrimp Nutrition RX:

  • Selenium

  • Vitamin B12

  • Phosphorous

  • Antioxidants

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