Top 5 Cold & Flu Fighters

January 17, 2017


Winter is here and the cold and flu viruses are as bad as they can get this season! But don't fret, there are some foods that can help boost your immune system and ward off the cold and flu this winter! 


Top 5 Cold & Flu Fighters


  1. Probiotics-found in yogurt or fermented dairy products like kefir will boost your gut bacteria, where some of your immune system functions! 

  2. Homemade Broth

  3. Citrus Fruits-boost of Vitamin C every 4 hours! 

  4. Onions-Allicin anti-microbial and fights off any bugs!

  5. Garlic- Allicin is found in raw garlic! (Check out more nutrition rx on garlic here!)


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