Affordable Art Fair 2016 : An Artie Guide by a Foodie

What does a foodie look for in art? Not what you may think, although a lovely cocktail hour always a nice touch! This year my lovely Affordable Art Fair in NYC did not disappoint with art for all them and in that I mean as much in variety as in affordability. The fair is a genuine social outing for art lovers and an excellent playground to meet the artist, gallery owners (who are often quite as interesting and eclectic as the artist) and fans of the new and old in art. These are my picks for this Fall- I wonder if you can guess what I am feeling...

1.  Decorazon Gallery- Michelle Mikesell 

Michelle Mikesell's use of human and animal forms in an amalgamated creature of netherworld comes through in each fantastic frame. Her colors are light and textured with bold reds in capturing the darker, more haunting images. 

2. Colo Colo Gallery - Kelly Zelen 

Kelly Zelen's sculpture stopped us in our tracks- her use of bronze, wool and high heels provoke a dark but contradictory in the movement and use of space of the forms. 


3. Pete Tillack

One of the perks of the AAF is that artists are often on hand to explain their inspiration and work to you. They appreciate your appreciation and give the art even more life. Mr. Tillack's under water symbolism caught my fear of drowning- yet in never occurs to me to learn how to swim. He is Australian born and uses his travels to express his art in relationship to his society.


4. John Natsoulas Gallery: Avery Palmer 

Inspired by Surrealist painting revels in the subconscious mind, in THE Visionary  his oil on masonite as well as  his other deeply textured depictions haunt and seduce the surveyor as she remembers a fragment of a dream that reminds her of one of his pieces.

5. Elissa Farrow-Savos 

She plays with the idea of woman's image in society as it pertains to pressures of attaining an ideal body or living up to a personified perception of woman. She incorporates found objects with baked clay, oils, rusty metals and weathered wood. Two of my faves below- woman with horns and a female that looks as if mummified in a tape measure:

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