A Peek into the Chinese Club

The Chinese Club is a restaurant on Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn serving authentic Chinese cuisine from past eras, including Hakka-Chinese and Kolkata- Chinese. The owners of the Chinese Club opened the restaurant to honor their grandfather, and continue the legacy of Chinese immigrants who used to meet here and socialize. We had the opportunity to visit the Chinese Club this week- read below for our favorite dishes!

Yummy Soup Dumpling: These pork and shrimp dumplings served at the Chinese Club are steamed, not fried, and served in a dim-sum basket. The pork inside is cooked just right- and is plenty juicy! The shrimp adds a great new flavor to your traditional dumpling. We recommend you try splitting this appetizer with your friends before tackling a large meal.

Organic Butter Salt & Pepper Mushroom: This is by far the most unique item that we tried at the Chinese Club, and we definitely recommend that you try it too. This dish is one of their most popular and consists of tempura-fried mushrooms cooked in a butter salt and pepper sauce. These mushrooms are served warm and crispy, and are worth the indulgence - we couldn’t stop popping them in our mouths!

Vegetable Spring Roll: The vegetable spring rolls were cooked to perfection at the Chinese Club. They are served in generous portions, and are perfectly crispy and definitely not too soggy. These spring rolls pack a lot of flavor, and are a good way to add some veggies to your plate, but be careful not to eat too many before your meal- they’re large enough to fill you up!

Hong Kong Pan Fried Noodle : The Hong Kong Pan Fried Noodle served up some awesome flavors as well. We thought this dish was a great take on a typical noodle bowl- but we were able to taste the flavor of the sauce, without being loaded with sodium, as we often find at other restaurants. The crispy noodles soften in the sauce as you eat and mix in wonderfully with the egg and veggies, which top off the dish.

Bubble Waffle Ice Cream: Our favorite part of the meal was definitely dessert! The Chinese club serves coconut ice cream on top of Chinese egg waffles, topped with fruity gummies and flakes. This desert was so amazing we stopped talking to eat it! Even if you aren’t ready for a meal- this ice cream is worth a visit to the Chinese Club!

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