Foodie Guide to New Mexico

New Mexico is often overlooked when compared with its neighbors- including the ever popular Colorado, Arizona, and Texas. However there are many amazing things to do here. It feels as though there is a National Park every 60 miles you travel, not to mention the quantity of authentic Mexican food! In fact, there is so much to do that you can’t cover every thing in one weekend, but we tried our best! Read below for our top picks from our weekend trip west:

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1. Danny’s Place After a long walk through the Carlsbad Canyons National Park, we recommend you treat yourself to some amazing Texas style barbeque. Although the décor leaves something to be desired, the food wont let you down. We recommend you try the ribs- which fall off the bone- and are seasoned to perfection. We also recommend you try the mac and cheese, which is new to the menu but clearly well tested. Danny’s place is the perfect indulgence after a day of hiking!

2. Tomasita’s Restaurant

If you make Santa Fe a stop on your trip, be sure to stop by Tomasita’s Restaurant for a lighter meal in the middle of all of the Mexican treats! We recommend you try out the chicken taco plate, which consists of shredded chicken with a small portion of melted cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and guacamole, and is plated with a side of rice and pinto beans. Although this was our favorite dish on the menu, we thought many of the meals offered at Tomasita’s were light, compared with traditional Mexican dishes, and didn’t leave you feeling full to the brim!

3. Albuquerque Old Town

Albuquerque old town is a unique place to visit and a destination we highly recommend you add to your list. The old town is full of culture influenced by Mexico. There is a town center where you can find live music on Friday and Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons, and many small alleyways full of boutique shops that sell items unique to New Mexico. Every few feet you will find a vendor selling handmade jewelry, arrowheads, and other items, but often time making their craft on the street. The cultural influence in Albuquerque Old Town is so strong you will thing you’re in a different country!

4. La Crepe Michel

While in Old Town Albuquerque, we recommend you check out La Crepe Michel for a treat that is well worth it. La Crepe Michel is a small restaurant with few tables, but food that will leave you speechless. They have a full dinner menu in addition to both sweet and savory crepes. Being the chocolate lovers that we are, we tried two of the sweet crepes- our favorite being the Crepe David, and we were blown away. Whatever your taste may be, we thing La Crepe Michel is a must on your travel list!

5. Tent Rocks National Monument

To add a little fun physical activity to your trip, we recommend you check out the Tent Rocks. The tent rocks offer views and formations unique to New Mexico. Although the longest path is only 1.5 miles long, it will get your heart pumping! The last mile of your hike will be a steep uphill journey- but the views at the top are well worth it. When you complete your hike up the trail, you will have an incredible view of the Rio Grande, with Mesa’s in the background, just past the tent formations!

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