Foodie Guide to Cape May, New Jersey!

Cape May is a seaside city at the most southern tip of New Jersey. It is an old-time town lined with Victorian houses and quaint shops. In addition to peaceful beaches, cape may offers a vibrant downtown and nightlife- this city will keep you entertained at any time of day! Although Cape May is about 3 hours from New York, it is definitely worth a visit. Read about five of our favorite spots here:

1. George’s Place

George’s Place is a small, local restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner where the line is always out the door. We visited for breakfast and were amazed by the menu. George’s offers something for everyone- from omlettes to bagel sandwiches, waffle nutella and tiramisu waffles. We recommend you try an omelette with a side of fresh cherry tomatoes!

2. Willow Creek Winery & Farm

Willow Creek Winery is located in southern Cape May. They offer wine tastings, tours and private pairing events as well as an outdoor wine bar and tapas menu. The wine tasting is $10 per person, and allows visitors to taste 5 wines, off a selection list of 9 wines. The tasting menu includes reds, whites and sangria. Although the wine was good, the tapas menu was even better. We recommend trying out the Wilde Cock Prestige Silver while enjoying some bruschetta or a cheese board!

3. Elaine’s Cape May

Elaine’s is a restaurant offering live music and dinner theatres. Elaine’s is located in an old Victorian house with a large wrap around porch. There are tables on the porch where you can sit and listen to live music, as well as a bar patio where you can listen to live music. Elaine’s also offers many productions inside, ranging from plays to magic shows. We recommend you sit on the porch while enjoying a drink and some live music!

4. Cape May Fish Market

Cape May Fish Market is a no-frills spot to get some great seafood! They have a huge menu, all created with fresh fish- and you can taste it! We tried the Caesar Salad, lobster roll, and salmon sandwich and thought all three were fantastic. We recommend you check it out for a laid back dinner and some great food!

5. Cape May Light House

When you’ve had enough to eat, go check out the Cape May Light House. The lighthouse was built in 1859 and is a NJ Landmark at the most southern tip of Cape May. It stands approximately 157 feet tall and visitors can climb to the top. When visitors arrive at the top they can see panoramic views of the city, including the oceanfront and old Victorian houses.

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