5 Best Wines of Long Island’s Vineyards

Just a short drive from the city, Long Island is home to many beautiful vineyards that will make you forget you’re in New York. We recommend traveling east for a relaxing day of wine tasting with friends. Check out our favorite wines below.

Semi- Dry Riesling

Served at Osprey’s Dominion, our favorite LI winery due to its live music and open atmosphere, the Semi-Dry Riesling is the perfect summer wine. It has hints of apricot and honey, but is light on sweetness, even for a dry variety. It will leave you feeling cool and refreshed (without the sugar headache the following day!).

Regina Maris Chardonnay

Also served at Osprey’s Dominion, try the Chardonnay, another great summer choice. We recommend buying a bottle to split among friends while enjoying the scenery after your tasting. This Chardonnay has flavors of tropical fruits and apple, which blend fabulously.

Blue Duck Merlot

Served at Duck Walk Vineyards North, the Blue Duck Merlot is described as “bold and smoky” and does not disappoint. This wine has a rich flavor with a smooth finish and pairs well with red meat, pasta and mild cheese, according to Duck Walk Vineyards.

Blueberry Port

Also served at Duck Walk Vineyards North, the Blueberry Port cannot be found anywhere else in the country. This port is made with blueberries imported from Maine and pairs perfectly with chocolate. Duck Walk recommends you take a sip of port, followed by a bite of chocolate and lastly another sip of port- the flavor intensity is amazing!


When you’ve had your share of wine tasting, visit Bating Hollow and try their wine-a-rita. The wine-a-rita is a frozen drink, that tastes like a light wine blend and serves as a fresh alternative to the frozen margarita. While at Bating Hollow you can also purchase food, pies and jewelry, and walk along their horse farm.

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