Foodie Guide to Smorgasburg 2016: Top Picks

Smorgasburg is a weekly food festival that takes place every Saturday in Williamsburg and every Sunday in Prospect Park from April through November. Over 100 local and regional food vendors come to Smorgasburg and supply over 10,000 visitors per day. Smorgasburg was first stared in May 2011, and has been a trademark of Brooklyn since. We visited the Saturday Smorgasburg last weekend and our favorite items are below:


Wowfulls has re-vamped the US image of waffles and ice cream-and in a good way! Waofulls makes 1950’s styled Hong Kong egg waffles, shapes them into a cone, fills them with ice cream, and covers them with toppings of your choice. The waffles taste delicious, and airy. When you near the bottom of your cone we recommend you break the “bubbles” apart and mix them with the ice cream!

Raindrop Cake

Darren Wong’s Raindrop Cake is one of the most talked about items at this year’s Smorgasburg. The cake is made of natural spring water and agar, and is served with a black sugar syrup and roasted soy flour. The cake has a slight sweetness, but the dish is most enjoyable with the toppings mixed in. We were also able to try the matcha syrup, a new flavor Raindrop Cake is trying out, which adds even more sweetness- we definitely recommend this flavor!

Excell’s Kingston Eatery

Excells serves authentic Jamaican food, including fresh coconuts! We tried the Jerk Pork Tenderloin, which is served with festival (fried cornbread) and yardie slaw. The meat was well done with a sweet Caribbean flavor, complemented by a slightly spicy barbeque sauce. We recommend you compliment your meal with a refreshing coconut drink!


Visit Baonanas for a light and tasty treat after you finish your meal of choice. Baonana’s serves banana pudding, which consists of alternating layers of bananas, wafers and “fluffy” pudding. Baonana’s has mastered the recipe with pudding that isn’t too dense and wafers that aren’t too soggy. We tried the matcha flavor, which was perfectly sweetened and didn’t leave us feeling over full!

Takumi Taco

If you visit Smorgasburg on a hot day, we recommend you stop by Takumi Taco for a refreshing meal. We sampled both the veggie and chipotle shrimp tacos and found both to be tasty. While the veggie taco was light on flavor, it contained a good amount of beans and corn. The shrimp taco was fresh and packed with chipotle, and a hint of lime.

East River State Ave

Vaquero Products

When you’ve tried enough meals, we recommend you stop by Vaquero Products for “mango on a stick”. You can order your mango with chili powder and lime, or plain. The toppings are complementary to the mangoes sweet flavor. This mango is sure to give you an ”after meal” sweetness when you’re not ready for a whole dessert.


If you’re in the mood for some classic “street food” we recommend you make a stop at Bissaka. We tried the lamb kebab, which was covered in spices and sesame seeds, topped with yogurt sauce, and plated with salad and a pita. Everything is cooked on a small grill in front of the crowd, which adds a charcoal flavor to the meat. We loved the combination of flavors, and recommend you include everything in your first bite!

Brooklyn Flea Record Fair

Just north of the food festival was the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair. The fair hosted over 50 record labels that supplied a ton of inventory for New Yorker’s to flip through while taking a break from all of the food! The record store employees were willing to help if you were looking for something specific, and ready to talk if you were just looking for some new music! The background of the record fair offered a great view of NYC and provided the perfect place to take a break on a nice day.

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