Art New York and CONTEXT New York 2016: My Picks

This past weekend, for the second year Art Miami brought Art New York and now CONTEXT New York to Pier 94 for our viewing pleasure. The show featured never before exhibited work from all over the world, while CONTEXT focused on mid-career and emerging artists. The prevailing buzz was also about actor, Adrien Brody's work "Hooked". He was in full character as an "artist" complete with smock and brush in hand. Colorful and contextual- and an exercise in vanity that is inevitable when artists of one medium traverse another.

Here a some of my picks:

1. Lisa Wright

Her paintings and drawings reflect historical portrait painting- some may seem very familiar and at the same time something completely new.

2. Bernadette Despujols

From Venezuela, she draws from her experiences as a woman and I found thrillingly disturbing particularly when she uses hair in her artwork.

My mind went to David Lynch and she confirmed my suspicion that she is a fan and her work is accompanied by her poetry as well.

3. Juliane Hundertmark

Juliane's images evoke religious and historical characters in her paintings that have sections of collage- slightly disturbing while oddly comical.

4. Jeff Robb

His three dimensional images using lenticular photography focuses on female nudes in moving abstract forms- some occupying space. They are 3D pix without needing glasses!

5. Mattia Novello

Italian-born artist, Novello brings Man with Board struck me with the desperation of a man hanging on to what? To everything and anything. He uses painting, sculpture and installations to evoke thought to truths that may or may not exist.

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