Food Book Fair 2016: We Are Always Hungry!

The Food Book Fair at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, is in its Fifth and finest season- they are curators of the newest talent in food and culture. As you know food and books are my passion so I as excited to find some new inspiration. I revisited some of my veteran faves like the amazing CherryBombe, fantastic Runcible Spoon, sunny Put a Egg On It and the sweetest Sweet Paul who are still capturing their love of food. I battled the crowds with a vino buzz and found these lovely new creatures:

1. Render

"Food is a Feminist Issue" caught my attention and this quarterly aims to start conversations about social justice in the food industry in which woman are at the center. Love it.

2. Drift

Just in time to capture Cuba before it changes! They capture the beauty and strife of Cuba in Volume 3: Havana. They capture local food, writers and entrepreneurs and writers in gorgeous photos. Next up: Stockholm.

3. Chickpea Magazine

This Vegan quarterly has gorgeous food photography and styling starting with the amazing colors. They give veggies a story and a romantic appeal. Filled with recipes, interviews and city guides, with genius design by Cara Livermore.

4. Gather Journal

Gather picks a topic and delves right into it and the results are issues like "Origin" with a natural history theme and "Magic" as the name implies. This team creates the most innovative content and really sharp food photography- perfect for your coffee table.

5. MouthFeel Magazine

As a fan of the recent Mapplethorpe documentary I was drawn to this mag- they beautifully photographed the two things i can't live without. And I am waiting for my dinner party invite.

6. Ounce Magazine

With striking illustrations of Leslie Wang these City Food Guides were just what we ordered! Her chef friends found the local favorites and she created the collectible mags great to add to your paper library and fun gifts.

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