Truffle Paradise: Urbani Truffle Lab NYC

The Urbani Family as kept the truffle trade with elegance and style since 1852. They are leaders as truffle purveyors and have created luscious truffle-flavored food products from their luxurious oil to their truffle cream cheese. Their latest venture is the first ever Truffle Lab NYC in the world! The lab will act as a test and tasting kitchen and events space that will feature workshop, classes and food events. t the pre-launch party, I was lucky enough to sample hors devours created by former Master Chef Season 5 finalist, Chef Christine Berni-Silverstein who is the Culinary Director and wowed the crowd with her Pasta made with Urbani Porcini Mushrooms. True to Italian form and style, there is an impeccable attention to detail of kitchen design from the appliances to stemware to knives, which were state of the art. Sabrina Notarnicola, who is the VP of Global Marketing, was responsible for the look and feel of the space and the Urbani brand.

Sabrina Notarnicola (VP, Global Marketing) and Chef Christine Berni-Silverstein (Culinary Director)

The Truffle Lab NYC located at 10 West End Avenue will serve as a international space for culinary events where guests can sample the rare and celebrated truffle- and its use in innovative products while keeping the integrity of the quality of the truffle.

Truffle Lab NYC plans to schedule events weekly starting May. For more information on upcoming events, email or call 212-247-8800.

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