The New York Art Expo and My Moody Picks!

The New York Art Expo this weekend at Pier 94 was a spectacular space filled with artists from around the country and the world. What I loved most was that both collectors and art lovers could both find affordable art. The show hosted over 400 artists that ranged from modern to classic and a wide range of mediums. As I tried to contain and focus the sensory over stimulation I was experiencing while walking through, I decided to pick my 5's through what made me feel the most- whatever that was- in the moment. Which is what I think art is meant to do.

1. Nick Monjo, Coney Island

I literally came to a halt when I saw these photographs. They attracted my more morbid art aesthetic. Nick Monjo photographs beautiful models everyday and found that by photographing them reflected in an uneven mirror surface it produced the somewhat haunting and very halting images.

2. Wolfeyes Creative-GL Wood, NYC

I loved these collage photographs made with recycled cardboard that had a thrilling punk vibe via the attitude and style of the images. He does some great fashion and advertising work too.

3. 4 Manos 2Cabezos, Palermo-Buenos Aires

Mariana Padilla joined Diego D'Amico to create this haunting, delicate collage and sculpture scenes. Using wood, metals and delicate fabrics they create a fantasy scene that is as much forlorn and it is oddly nostalgic.

4. Rajvi Dedhia Unadkat, NYC (Photo 834...)

The artist explained her work expressed through vibrations she feels when listening to music. She allows the vibrations to dance and glitter through her choice of color, line and texture on her canvas. She works on several paintings at once because even she does not like to stop working (playing). Such a lovely instrument she conceives.

5. Michele A. Utley Voigt, CA

Her figure drawing is expressed through fractured plane geometry . She uses earth colors and tones to show movement and emotion and the symbolism is from the artist's own experience.

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