Top 10 Healthy Snacks to Grab on the Go- Duane Reade Edition

Duane Reade pharmacies are ubiquitous in this city, and thank goodness- where else could we run for a late night ice cream craving, or when the lightbulb suddenly burns out in your bedroom? Along with having all of your last-minute household needs, the pharmacy carries a plethora of healthy snacks to eat if you suddenly get struck with hunger while on your way to or from work, the gym, or running errands. We all know how dangerous it is to be hungry while making important decisions, exercising, and doing the grocery shopping. But never fear, this list will save you in your time of need. Save this list of ten snacks to grab on the go from Duane Reade for future reference, and you’ll never get hangry again!

1. Dried Edamame

In all Duane Reades, there are usually a bunch of bagged snacks stuffed in one aisle. These usually include items such as pretzels, potato chips, and the like. But if you look closely, you can find a few healthier choices that will sustain you for a few hours while you’re out of the house. One of these bagged snacks is dried edamame seeds. Edamame is delicious and also known for its high protein content. Because you are ingesting a bit more sodium with this choice, be sure to also grab a drink.

2. Coconut Water

Regular bottled water is always an option, but how often do you find a carton of coconut water in the fridge section of your drugstore? Duane Reade usually has a few different options of coconut water, filled with electrolytes and is way healthier than a sports drink for replenishing after the gym.

3 & 4. Terra Chips and Hummus

Instead of grabbing a bag of regular potato chips when you want something crunchy and salty, try a bag of Terra chips. All terra chips are vegetable chips that are baked and flavored, making them a better-for-you option. Pair a bag of Terra chips with a container of hummus, and you have a great protein- and carb-filled snack sure to hold you over.

5. Greek Yogurt

In the fridge section, you’ll definitely come across a Chobani or Fage brand greek yogurt. This is a great choice if you need to add another protein to your lunch, or just to eat on your walk! Be sure to grab a spoon before leaving the house!

6. & 7. Cheese Sticks and Jerky

This quick snack is filled with protein, which will get you back running in no time. A great snack before or after a workout—not to mention delicious!!

8. Bananas (and other fruit)

Although not found at every Duane Reade, you can come across a fresh assortment of fruit once in a while. Grabbing a banana, apple or orange in addition to another snack is a healthy and quick way of raising your blood sugar.

9. Assorted Nuts

DR carries a lot of different brands of nuts, but they have their own company which makes single servings of trail mix and other nuts and seeds. They usually only cost about a dollar and are a great size for on-the-go.

10. Amy’s Enchiladas (and other frozen meals)

If you ran out the door and forgot your lunch, never fear. Instead of ordering Seamless for the third time this week, check out Duane Reade’s freezer section for healthy and quick microwaveable meals. Amy’s is a great brand who usually uses all organic and non-GMO ingredients – they also often have vegan and gluten-free options for those who follow a stricter diet!

* We are not sponsored or represented by Duane Reade in any way, we just love their convenience! *

* All photos courtesy of Google Images *

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