The Wine Tasting of the Year! Slow Wine: Vino2016

Slow Wine brought Italy to the Highline Ballroom via wine tasting of the year, VINO2016. Well dressed Italian men with mohagony shoes and lovely scarves and (even ascots!) descended upon NYC with a wine story from each region. Wine enthusiasts were spitting away to make room for more samples as I just sipped and swallowed them all. On the perimeter, not unlike any Italian fete, was food. I appreciated the spread of salumi including one of my northern favorites Mortadella with pistachio nuts and also found a mortadella tartuffo a kind of mortadella spread or pate if you will . Along side these savories were the lusty cheeses- a new favorite was Le Delize cheese's Pecorino with Honey and Pistachio. Keste brought pizza and Urbani brought truffles and all was well in the world that day.

As for the wine, from newish small batch to the romance of old family vineyards - they all as many Italian masters do - keep to and respect traditions of artisanship. If you are a wine love subscribe to Slow Wine and get their great newAPP -Slow Wine!

Here are some of my faves:

1. Tenuta di Cappezzana- Tuscany

Vin Santo di Carmignano ( trebbiano) 2008

2. Fontanavecchia- Campania

Falanghina del Sannio Taburno 2014

3. Caparsa- Tuscany

Chianti CL Caparsino RIS 2011


4. TENUTA Spinelli di Simone Spinelli -Marche

Artemesia Pecorino 2014

5. Ronco del Gelso-Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Isonzo Pinot grigio SOT LIS RIVIS 2014

6. Tasca d' Almerita- Sicily

Ghaia Nera 2013

nerello mascalese

7. Castello di Neive-Piedmonte

Barbaresco Santo Stefano Albesami 2009


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