The Wonder 500: Japanese Style

I attended the reception at the James Beard House to kick off The Wonder 500 exhibition of super cool new Japanese products in food, design, fashion home decor and accessories. The exhibition continues:

The Wonder 500 exhibition hours as follows: January 27th until February 10th; exhibition takes place daily from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. daily at the Exhibition Hall at 4 West 43rd Street.

We tasted some lovely samplings of hors d'oeuvres by Chef Edwin Bellanco incorporating the ingredients from The Wonder 500 and I was very happy to try multiple servings of premium Dassai 23 Daiginjo sake- which i love! and luscious samples of Ito Wagyu Beef!

We had lovely time meeting Stefen Ramirez owner of Tea Dealers in Brooklyn who served me an exquisite Matcha that he ritualistically poured into my cup.

Aside form Sake, there were numerous innovative libations like barrel aged plum liquor, wine made form Koshu grapes, rum made form sugar cane and green tea- check out the exciting selections here

Here are some of my Food Finds:

1. Gokokuya Hakko Sashisuseso Yokan Itsuki (Round sweet bean jelly, five flavors)

2. Balsamy Apple (Apple vinegar)

3. Niji no Shio (Flavored salt seasoning)

4. Zeitaku Iwashi Fillet/Yuzu (Anchovy fillets with citron)

5. Shottsuru Jyunen Jukusen (Shottsuru fish sauce aged 10-years)

6. Chiba Mamenoka Peanut Paste (Sato Fushiyo) (Peanut butter made from Chiba peanuts with no added sugar)

7. Denshi Renji de Kantan Fukashi-imo (Microwavable steamed sweet potatoes)

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