Top 5 Kale Salads in NYC

With all the holiday indulging going on, why not try some of these delicious kale cities located throughout the city?

Bryant Park Grill 25 W 40th St New York, NY

Organic baby kale, roasted pecans, fresh & dried figs, celeriac, shaved parmesan dijon dressing $12.50

This is one of my favorite kale salads, the combination of fresh figs and roasted pecans is awesome!

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Juice Press

USDA organic marinated kale in lime dressing and nutritional yeast, nori, tomato, avocado, yellow pepper and sprouts $12. This is the best kale salad for when you need a quick and nutritious meal!

Macondo West 2 Bank St. New York, NY

Featuring manchego, membrillo, orange and pumpkin seeds $11

The Manchego cheese brings this latin version of a kale salad to a whole new level.

Northern Spy Co: 511 East 12th St. New York, NY

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Cheddar, delicata, almonds, pecorino $14

My favorite part about this kale salad is that it features lacinato kale. Lacinato kale also known as black kale is a much softer texture than traditional kale making it easier to chew yet equally delicious.

Sweetgreen: Various locations

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