PMS-Aid: What to Eat to Ease PMS and to Yell Less

Premenstrual symptoms vary from woman to woman but we have all felt some of the symptoms to some extent. While it is a regular monthly event, my clients tend to forget in the moment that the mood changes that they are experiencing will stabilize again when their periods start. However, I know that is not much consolation when you are feeling crappy. Therefore, I have gathered some tips on how to make this a more comfortable time for you!

This is what happens to your body and brain and here is how to yell less.

PMS symptoms can appear 1-2 weeks before the first day of your menstrual scale (which is the first day you bleed). The week before in particular can be most harrowing. There is dip in estrogen that affect serotonin levels- this causes the blues, anxiety and mood changes. You find yourself more upset at the usual shit your boyfriend does. Just because you have PMS, DOES NOT mean your FEELINGS ARE WRONG though.

You are more likely to retain water at this time and crave sugary foods because of the lower serotonin. The hormones changes also causes some gastrointestinal issues to act up that result in bloating, some constipation the week before your period and then a diarrhetic effect once it begins. The GI issues also result in extra sensitivity to salt, alcohol and caffeine. The scale can show up to 3-5lbs of water weight- do not be alarmed you will pee it out when your period starts!

Your sleep can become disturbed, having vivid or strange dreams which leave you fatigued and craving more sugar and caffeine the next day. You may feel more sensitive and moody- CRY IT OUT- there are enzymes in your tears that actually calm you. Just don't do it at work no one needs to see that.

Fight PMS Game Plan:

1. Week before your PMs week: increase your fiber to counteract the upcoming phase of constipation.

2. During PMS week:

  • Avoid Salt

  • Stay hydrated to reduce water retention ( Hydration video here)

  • Beat Sugar cravings with fruit or have in moderation

  • Exercise for endorphins and mood- go to my You tube playlist so you can dance and cry like a manic in the privacy of your own home (it's fun).

  • Watch your caffeine intake and stop drinking after 12 so sleep is not further interrupted

  • Watch your alcohol intake to reduce bloating or water retention

Food Fixes: PMS

  1. Avocado and Leafy Greens- Contain Magnesium which reduces bloating and some other symptoms

  2. Salmon- Contains omega-3's that have been shown to help depressed moods

  3. Asparagus- enzyme in asparagus acts as a natural diuretic in body to de-bloat you and the Folic acid also has been shown to reduce PMS symptoms

  4. Yogurt, 1% milk or low fat Kefir- Calcium and Vitamin D help reduce some of bloating and probiotics provide healthy gut bacteria ( Link dairy video here)

  5. Sunflower Seeds- Filled with Vitamin B6 which also helps make you feel less bloated

  6. Big Steak- Eat on rich food that could counteract heavy bleeding, boost your immune system and give you more energy (Read Nutrition RX: In Defense of Meat here)

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