My Top 9 Most Useless Foods (Until next Time)

I have a surprisingly long list of foods that I think are irrelevant and sometimes even a nuisance in a dish. As a dietitian, most people will think that my "useless foods" list is about weight loss or an unhealthy food, but in fact this list is just of foods that I think are uninteresting from a pallate perspective or just ridiculous as a food product. Also this list is much longer but let's start here. Why should you read this article if it is merely based on my tastes? No reason. So read on...

1. Rice

I know white rice is a staple of many ethnic cuisines. My Latin American friends do not understand me at all! Honestly they don't add to the flavor or texture to any given meal as I can see it- as a matter of fact they detract or water down some flavors--I prefer Japanese food free from rice too. Brown rice or wild rice at least add a nuttiness and more nutrient content. But white? Just pads the dish.

2. Potato

I have not eaten potato in 12 years and it is not about low carbing. I just don't care for it! It has no flavor-the starchy texture that some love to mash and smash I can't get into! At least it is 100 on my list of starchy quality foods that I would pick. French fries? Just a vehicle for the ketchup and plus I don't like to eat french fries with my burgers anyway- seems like an odd combo to me. Sweet potato? At least it is yummy and a great basis for a nutrient dense dessert!

3. Chicken Breast

I would rather eat tofu, actually no i wouldn't, but they are as close in how useless I think they are. Flavorless, difficult to cook- reheat and eat! It is the dieter's go-to and I don't know why- the dark meat of poultry is much more juicy, flavorful and more nutrient dense too. Plus there so many more lean pork and beef cuts one could choose for the same lean protein benefits. Frankly, like sushi, I am starving 1 hour after eating the breast- I am a leg woman for sure! (Read more in Let's Talk Turkey: I am a Leg Woman here)

4. Tofu

I know this is a staple food for entire countries, but not for me buster! You can shape into a meatball or cover it in teriyaki and I still ask myself "why?" when there are zillions of more delicious things to meat. I feel like it is something vegetarians are forced to eat and shape like a burger because they have secret yearnings to be a carnivore. It is a food substitute- it is useless to me.

5. Flour Tortilla

Corn tortillas do taste better particularly when they are made fresh and grilled but the white flour tortilla- it is just a vehicle to carry the insides- it provides no texture or flavor for me. I might as well use a napkin to hold the contents of the tortilla or use any other - bread-like product. Blahhhhh.

6. Juice

I don't like to buy processed juice that is sold, bought or processed or processed then sold and bought. In other worlds juice comes from fruit. Eat Fruit. Juice falls down your throat and lingers briefly on the tongue while fruit is chewed, has juiciness and crunch and is a far more palatable experience!

Also juice has a ton of added sugar in it and fruit has all the vitamin and fiber still intact- which is what make it good for you. And don't even get me started on Juice Cleanses (Watch my BronxNet Open video Don't Fall for Food Fads here!) 7. Green Beans

Ahhhh just don't like- I prefer other beans this one is blahhhh.

8. Reduced Fat Peanut Butter

Do not take the natural fat out of anything!!!!!! Particulalry in peanut butter because we want that fat and they just replace it with sugar anyway. Love real roasted fresh salted peanut butter, not that product that is the invention of the food companies. ( link how italin girl eat leave fat in food)

9. Fat Free Dairy

This is insane! Skim milk, fat free yogurt and cheese is useless on all counts. It is not healthier for you- you can't absorb calcium and vitamin D without the fat and doesn't keep you as full as the dairy with the fat in it. I prefer 2% milk to drink or put on cereal, cooking with whole milk for the milk- fat flavor. And unless you are a cheese heathen there is no reason for me to have to explain why you would NEVER take the fat out of the Cheese!!!!!! (Watch my Nutrition Rx: Dairy video for more on milk!)


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