Five Seasonal Drink Recipes for Thanksgiving & Beyond

The holidays are quickly approaching, and for most—including us!—this means a lot of get-togethers and parties. If you’ve hosted a Thanksgiving dinner before, you know that you’ve got your work cut out for you. Here are a few seasonal cocktail recipes from our friends at Finn Partners to help you out in your endeavor!

1. SPICED NEGRONI from Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

Indulge in this spiced yet flowery concoction where the myriad of elderflower, rum, hibiscus, vanilla and more come together for a delightful treat.

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  • 2.5 ounces of Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum

  • ½ ounces of Campari

  • ¾ ounces hibiscus-grapefruit skin cordial

  • ¾ ounces elderflower syrup

  • 2 dashes of vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients, fill with ice and strain well into mule glass. Garnish with a smoked grapefruit slice.

2. BUDDHA FRUIT at Chomp Chomp in the West Village by head bartender Biyon Ng


  • Red dates infused in Korbel brandy (or brandy of your choice)

  • Sugar cane syrup

  • Fresh pressed lemon juice

  • Sprinkling of wolf berries (aka goji berries)

Mix all the ingredients. Pour into a glass mug with a handle; top off with hot water and garnish with lemon slice.

3. COCONUT HOT TODDY at Pasar Malam in Williamsburg, BK and Laut in Union Square, NYC

Chef/Owner, Salil Mehta created a delicious Southeast Asian-inspired toddy with sake as a base instead of the traditional whiskey.


  • 60ml good quality sake

  • 200 ml fresh coconut juice

  • 4-5 pcs of clove; a bit more for garnish

  • Wheel of lime

  • Flesh from the coconut

Mix all the above ingredients together and heat-up until near boiling (akin to the temperature you would have when steeping tea.) Serve in a glass with a handle.

4. SMOKING JAMESON at Laut in Union Square, NYC

Glass of Jameson served neat and infused with Applewood smoke and kaffir lime.


  • Jameson Whiskey

  • Applewood chips (for creating smoke)

  • One piece of kaffir lime

Microwave the whiskey with lime leaf covering the glass and fill with smoke – let sit for a few minutes with a cover over the cup and then serve.

To create the smoke, you can use a smoke gun which can be purchased online. If you prefer to do it DIY, put bits of charcoal in a heat-resistant glass, add the Applewood chips, and then burn it until it smokes. Cover glass, and transfer smoke over to the cup of Jameson whiskey.


A South African cream liqueur made from fruit of the marula tree. A great winter liqueur that Fiorella serves at all of her dinner parties around the holidays! Serve over ice or incorporate in a classic dessert beverage, such as an Amarula coffee.

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  • 1 oz Amarula cream liqueur

  • 1 cup your favorite hot coffee

  • Grated milk chocolate

Pour desired amount of hot coffee into a heat-resistant cup or glass. Top with Amarula and garnish with grated milk chocolate.

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