Why a Steakhouse Could be the Healthiest Place to Eat: Ocean Prime

While having a dinner feast at Cameron Mitchell's new NYC restaurant Ocean Prime with my friend Michael, we happily agreed that a Carnivore diet (Read my In Defense of Meat article here) can be one of the healthiest. If a steakhouse is done well- as it is at Ocean Prime - the focus is on the quality and cook of the meat or fish rather than covering it with the extras. I love restaurants who take good care in preparing their vegetable sides and here there are done impeccably.

Michael- the type of guy a steakhouse generally attracts- loved the high ceiling and vast space- it seems like the place where deals go down, but still sexy enough for a date. I love to go to a steak house (for some reason some women tend to shy away from this) and my male friends quite often exclaim, "You eat steak?" I guess they don't expect an RD, or a woman for that matter, to choose red meat. Michael knows this about me and so knows not expect me to order a salad or share my entree (I might share my appetizer-maybe) and that I order my steak rare. These are my steak house rules. This evening we started with the luscious lamb lollipops, a "smoking" seafood tower, and the tender ribeye and their signature Chilean sea bass with whipped potato and champagne truffle sauce.

The Berries and Bubbles drink was also smoking-literally check it out! ^ Filled with berry antioxidants made us feel a lot better about our drinking and a lot sexier because of the smoke and the Manhattan was excellent. And simply for luxurious pleasure, add the 10-layer Carrot Cake and eat slowly for optimal indulgence.

Why is the steakhouse menu generally really healthy?

As a Registered Dietitian, my clients are always sending me links to restaurants and ask which dish is healthiest, particularly if they eat most of their meals at restaurants. The steakhouse offers the perfect options of lean protein (filets and fish). Red meat filled with iron and zinc both minerals that keep your energy up, immune system strong and mood steady--exactly what you need when you are closing a deal and hearty fiber- filled vegetables filled with antioxidants to look glowing on your steak date (and also trying to close the deal). Ocean Prime also offers a gluten-free menu for those of you who need it (or like to pretend you need it).

Here is how to eat healthily starting with the Ocean Prime menu:

Choose any of the lean proteins below:

Appetizer: Ahi Tuna Tartare with Avocado

Appetizer or Entree: Lamb Lollipops

Entree: 8oz Filet Mignon

Entree: Twin Lobster Tails

Entree: Murray's Farm Chicken

Entree: Any of Fish plus two vegetable sides

Pair with two of these sides:

Ocean Prime House Salad

Asparagus in Hollandaise

Steamed Broccoli

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Sauteed Button Mushrooms

Ocean Prime

123 W 52nd street

New York, New york 10019


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