Boo-La-La: A Halloween Cheese Party at the French Cheese Board

Located in Midtown, the French Cheese Board is a small space dedicated to the culture surrounding French cheese. FCB consists of an event space and art gallery, a kitchen and a cheese shop, and they regularly hold events both private and open to the public. The most recent event, “Boo-La-La,” was a Halloween-themed party to celebrate the French cheese mimolette. It was held all day in the event space Hallowen weekend. Mimolette is a cow’s milk cheese which ages and hardens with the help of cheese mites. It is enjoyed at different stages in the ripening process-- and its age adds a new, nutty flavor and hardened texture. The event had two different cheese tasting tables for patrons to compare the stages of ripening. Although I am not a cheese connoisseur, I could taste the distinctness in flavors and found myself appreciating the complexities in the aged cheese. Along with free cheese, FCB hosted an international cheese carver named Krai who has frequented their events in the past. Mimolette is a hard cheese with an intricate, melon-like rind, which lends itself well to carving-- and its pumpkin color is perfect for the Halloween theme.

At the event, one could also purchase cheese, take free photobooth pictures in costume and have a drink on the house. In the back of the space was a sneak peek of their ongoing “Eat Art” installation, Dorothee Selz’ Offerings. If you missed this pop-up Halloween Party, be sure to stop by the FCB space to take a look at Offerings. It is on display on weekdays from 11am to 7pm until November 15th. More information can be found at

#foodevent #halloween

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