Lot 77: A New Korean Gastro-pub to Eat, Drink & Play

Asian Sliders

Lot 77 Newly renovated Lot 77 is a Korean gastro-pub as well as a coffee shop in the Financial District.

Situated in the more “historical” part of New York, Lot 77 lays at the crossing of Fulton and Gold Street. The area was once filled with yellow flowers and the English, when taking over New Amsterdam in 1664, anglicized the Dutch name to Gold Street.

Lot 77 serves up a whole array of Asian inspired fusion dishes. The Pretzel bread and pickled vegetables or fried chicken in fish sauce is a testament to this. Small meatball sliders also fit well into the new menu as well as in one’s stomach. Lot 77 also has games spread around the pub for a more youthful ambiance, cutting through some of the monotony of many gastro-pubs that simply serve food.

Tuna Roll & Beer

The front room coffee shop serves traditional baked goods and coffee, and a spacious environment secures a feeling of relaxation.

According to Social Media Manager Lina Li, the new Lot 77 has everything in one place and will surely grab crowds from Wall Street, as well as local residents and tourists moseying along the historic district in search of the remnants of those golden flowers.


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