Murray's Cheese Wheel Cake

The one thing I knew was part of my Maid of Honor duties was to get my sister Tina a Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake. She readily admits that she is part rat in her voracious affection that is obsession for cheese--so I have no issue teasing her about it! I began my search for this cheese wheel cake and landed at Murrays Cheese in NYC. I was helped by lovely Leigh,the Catering Manger, who took me through a tasting wheel by wheel according to my direction for profiles.

Tina's Wedding Cheese Cake was three layers of: – Bianco Sardo ($225) / Manchego ($105) / Brillat Savarin ($40)

A few things I learned that you should Consider:

  • Size of cheese cake does not always reflect price. a small wheeled cake can be expensive because some of best cheese are in smaller wheel shapes.

  • Use a cake stand to add height, wood trunk stands look great!

  • You have to decorate your own cake! I was just as surprised that this cake is mostly DIY- basically you are going to the cheesemongers for their expertise in creating a perfect palette for your cheese lover.

  • Buy fresh fruit, ribbons, branches etc to create a perfectly rustic cake or use the brides color- you can do it or have the caterer or florist do it- I am that much of a control freak so i did it for my sister while wearing my gown.

  • You can totally forgo the cheese curator and buy your own wheels. Preferable from a wholesale list- retail is for chumps! But do understand you are responsible for possible packing, keeping it cold etc- which could be a pain.

  • Choose wisely and adventurously! Of course find some crowd pleasers but so much more fun to come up with a cheese with some punch! For my sisters wedding, I framed the Cheese Cake Tasting Menu with cheese description and which wines to pair it with! Classy touch!

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