Salumi Board with Broccoli di Rabe Crostini

Salumi Board:

  1. Prosciutto di Parma (aged 24 months)

  2. Mortadella, from Bologna

  3. Testa (Italian Head Cheese), from Lazio, Umbria

Broccoli di Rabe Crostini

  • Broccoli Rabe, sauteed

  • Rao's grilled olives

  • crostini crusts or sliced baguette

Sautee broccoli rabe in olive oil, salt and pepper for about 15 minutes. Pile onto crostini slices and top with grilled olives. Drizzle top with olive oil

Nutrition RX: Broccoli Rabe

Folic Acid


B- Vitamins

#video #salumi #crostini #broccolirabe

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