In Defense of Meat!

My father told stories about being poor in Italy and his family of 7 sharing a steak on Sunday so he made sure we always had meat on the table when we came to the US and we became less poor. My mother is of that generation who was told that Meat was bad for you - even now she believes it-- but as with everything, I explain to her, context is everything. In this case the context and content of your diet is most important. I consider myself a plant based carnivore- which means I eat tons of fruits and vegetables at every meal and eat ALL meat very often and of course fish too.

Studies that show that meat is bad for your heart also show that the rest of the diet of the person studied is unbalanced- portions of everything are larger and there is generally a lack of fiber as that found in vegetables, fruit and legumes.

We are meant to eat meat-our digestive enzymes prove it- we evolved because of it. Vegetarians who like to claim that we are not meant to digest it are wrong and in fact I remind them that what we can't digest is fiber found in vegetables! That is not to say that fiber isn't fantastic for you but I do love to prove a point.

As for the beef industry, don't misunderstand me, there are terrible things happening to the animals in how they are fed and kept and all that it does to environment and support and respect the work begin done to end some of these wrong. Further, I would love for cows to die in someone's loving arms too but alas I am hungry and want steak- filet, ribs, rib-eye- all of it- rare. so what's a girl to do?

Well, while the world sorts itself out- you can find some locally sourced, lovingly held livestock to grill for your enjoyment...and reap the nutritional benefits and place it in a balanced diet filled with fiber, fruits and vegetables.

Nutrtition RX:

The merits of meat are is pure protein contains all essential amino acids and IRON.

Protein: Pure Protein! Metabolism stoking and keeps you fuller longer

Iron: Responsible for transportation of oxegen in your blood which gives you energy, boosts your immune system and more bioavailable than plant iron

Zinc: Helps heal skin, hair, nails and bones

B Vitamins- tons of energy producing vitamins to keep you going

Vitamin D, K, Folic Acid, Magnesium and Potassium

Meat Cooking Matters:

The way you eat it does matter-as it does with most foods-grill it, braise it, sear it in a pan at home...some cuts are just as lean as any white meat- and we do need fat and even some cholesterol if not our sex hormones won't synthesize. Stay away from frying it, breading it then covering it tomato sauce and putting cheese on it.....the whole Parmigiana Italian American thing- I have more of a quality and palate issue with this concoction than a caloric one- why cover up a good piece of meet-save your tomato sauce and cheese for your pizza.

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