Meatball Ragu Bruschetta

This is my homage to Italian American food! A deconstructed meatball ragu slider on bruschetta bread using an Italian staple: tomato sauce! Watch here!

Meatball Ragu Bruschetta

  1. Tomato Sauce- From our annual Tomato Harvest in September, using Jersey plum tomatoes that have been jarred (read more about our Tomato Canning Process here) or substitute with Canned Crushed Tomatoes from the store. An easy sauce, just bring tomatoes, sea salt, basil, garlic & olive oil to a boil!

  2. Neapolitan Meatball Ragu- Meatballs (recipe to follow), sausage and ragu meat (i.e. oxtail or pork shoulder)

  3. Assembly- Deconstructed slider on bruschetta bread: spread fresh ricotta on a slice of bread, then slightly chopped meatball ragu and sauce, and drizzle with sauce. (Non-Carb Version: with arugula salad or top on slice of roasted eggplant)

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