Smorgasburg 2015!

Smorgasburg, an annual Brooklyn food and flea market, returns this year with another delicious line up! (Here's a refresher of our last Smorgasburg round-up from last year!) They are hosting Saturdays in Williamsburg at 90 Kent Avenue and Sundays at Brooklyn Bridge Park on Pier 5. Each year the experts host over 100 tasting throughout the winter deciding on who will have a spot as vendors, taking amateurs and pros alike into consideration. Sunday was beautiful day in NYC so the pier was crowded! I weaved in and out and ate as much as possible and got to know a few vendors! Here’s who and their specialties:

Duck Season

Duck Confit (whole leg/thigh) served on the bone or in a sandwich with duck crackling

Big Mozz

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese made on sight, served with yummy roast pork or as a bomb : mini ball injected with homemade lemony pesto.

Goa Taco

Fusion Tacos served on Indian paratha and stuffed with meats.

Birds and Bubbles

Nashville hot chicken on a biscuit with deviled egg sauce and dill pickle slices, taken from the popular LES restaurant, Champagne and Chicken.


Dome cooked Labanese flatbreads with zaatar and labneh cheese.


Poached Eggs shak-shuka style in red, green, and white sauces. Shuka is a pretty popular food truck around the city as well.

Everything I tried was worth the crowds and the weather makes up for everything! I highly suggest visiting Smorgasburg this summer and finding your own favorites! I plan to check them out at Williamsburg again before the season is over! It’s perfect to enjoy on your own, with a date, or the family!

#Smorgasburg #streetfood

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