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Le District (200 Vesey Street, New York, NY) is the newest food market downtown overlooking the Hudson River. The 30,000 sq ft market is being called the Eataly of French food. It features a market, garden, cafe and restaurant.

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Market District

The Market District provides an interactive culinary experience for guest and is great for those new to Le District. You can walk around to different stations and engage with chefs and knowledgeable staff for retailing and dinning opportunities. The Market District offers Fromagerie, Rotisserie, Charcuterie, Le Comptoir, Boucherie, Poissonnerie, Boulangerie, and Fleuriste.

The Garden District

As you could assume, the Garden District is where you can find endless fresh produce, daily essentials like the best coffee beans, and epicurean delicacies. This district features season specials along with a variety of French-inspired fare. In addition to fresh produce, you can pick up prepared foods and spices and herbs.

Café District

Right here you can get the best tasting and artsy crafted espresso drinks from expert Baristas! Macaroons, Pastries, and Cookies are all cooked with passion and to perfection. If you want to go even sweeter, Café District has an abundance of toffee, nougats, truffles, and more! Come prepared to walk away with more than you expected, including a deep consideration for putting down your current coffee shop.

Restaurant District

First off, just in time for spring, The Restaurant District is offering the most expansive outdoor dining experience in the city. Perfect for a romantic date or a fun get together with a group of friends. The Chef creates seasonal dishes that are constantly changing, giving you something new to try each visit because you’ll have to come back after the first go round! If you’re just looking to have drinks for happy hour, the bar staff are all professional mixologist and skilled to craft those specialty cocktails and libations perfectly. Not into liquor? The wine list is endless, so a good time is guaranteed!

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