Foodieodicals 2015: Top Food Mags

This weekend the Wythe Hotel in Greenpoint hosted the annual Food Book Fair celebrating the intersection of food culture and food systems and connecting everyone invested in contemporary food conversation. This year we had to stop by our favorite festival: Foodieodicals! Bringing together the best indie food magazines from all over the world in one room! We stopped by some of our favorites from last year (remember our Food Book Fair video coverage here!) and discovered some new ones!

Cherry Bombe

The beautifully designed biannual publication celebrates food and women! Co-founders Kerry Diamond (who is also the Director of Yahoo Food!) and Claudia Wu and their team do an amazing job showcasing the woman who grow, make, style, serve and enjoy food while nourishing the mind, eye and stomach. The latest issue is all about New School/Old School featuring an inside look into some great cookbooks, conversations with Top Chef champ Kristen Kish, the Barefoot Contessa herself Ina Garten, and famed food critic Mimi Sheraton!

Put a Egg on It

No that’s not a typo, it really is Put a Egg on It, aptly named to “irritate British people” as Art Director/Publisher/Editor Ralph McGinnis says, but really used in its conversational form (I mean how often do people really say “Put an egg on it” when the rush of a phrase is really putaeggonit!) This digest-sized art and literary magazine printed on green paper focuses on storytelling and personal stories about food. Shying away from food journalism, storytelling tells so much more and celebrates food instead of being something aspirational. Definitely grab the latest issue, but I’m also looking forward to the next issue, the 10th issue which will feature stories that actually “put a egg on it!”

Short Stacks

Short Stacks is a series of small-format cookbooks, each edition focusing on one ingredient and inspiring recipes by the country’s top culinary talents. These beautifully designed booklets are hand-stitched, collectible, timeless and useful! At the Foodieodicals, I even saw publisher Nick Fauchald hand-stitching their latest issue Prosciutto di Parma authored by chef Sara Jenkins!


Publisher Cyndi Fecher shares that Graze is a literary magazine gathering stories, poems, fiction, photography and illustrations focused on stories that food tells about us. The issue 6 paints pictures of women in the kitchen in the 21st Century and how women are rewriting the rules of the kitchen everyday! And the latest issue (7) is all about indulgences!

Bakeri Zine

This zine was born out of the bakery, Bakeri (Norwegian for bakery) the beloved bakery in Greenpoint and Williamsburg staffed and operated by hard-working women in cornflower overalls making the best Nordic breads and sweets around! The zine is a creative outlet for the baristas, cooks, and staff of the bakery. I especially dig the artwork in the latest issue, The Naked Issue. They even had someone doing portraits and serving bread at Foodieodicals!

Brutal Magazine

The new publication from a team with a background in art and fashion who are just brutal! It’s a collaborative magazine that showcases creative, artistic talent through the lens of food. Where food and art come alive together with stirring visuals, smart writing and humor, the latest issue is all about Celebration and one of their main spreads was by a fashion photographer! I can’t wait to see the future of this new biannual print!

The Runcible Spoon

This zine is all about the “unfood scene.” Confused? Don’t be. This zine is all about food and fantasy, capturing the whimsy and playfulness of food over reality through recipes, illustration, storytelling and collages. The latest issue is The Bland Issue, albeit nothing bland about it, you’ll think twice about white pasta, toast and potatoes after this! Founder Malaka Gharib also shared her short illustrated cookbook Food Fantasies and How to Execute Them, featuring the “1-Bite Mile-High Sandwich” and how to “Fly with a Giant Peach.” This brings me back to the days in middle school making a mess of collages of my favorite shows and teen heartthrobs with my sister (before the era of television, internet and smartphones), although I was definitely not snipping and gluing scraps from Food and Wine magazine like The Runcible Spoon!

Culture: The Word on Cheese

This is my kind of magazine: all about cheese! The Boston-based mag is a perfect intersection of makers, mongers, farmers, policy, pairings and anything and everything between in the world of cheese! Featuring international and domestic cheeses, they always run a center-fold spread highlighting a certain cheese, city/region, chef or monger. This is the perfect magazine that nurtures the passion for great cheese through engaging storytelling on the people and places behind the cheese! I just had to ask what’s next in the cheese world, said sheep’s milk cheese, which is slightly sweeter, nuttier, higher in protein, and creamy!


Drift is a new print magazine devoted to coffee and culture, spotlighting a different city in the world, diving into what makes a city’s coffee scene tick. Perfectly named since the best way to explore a city is to wonder aimlessly with a cup of coffee in hand, learning all it has to offer. The first issue is all about New York, from Brooklyn to the Bronx! Looking forward to the next issues’ cities to “drift” to in the future!

The Cleaver Quarterly

Ever wonder what kind of cuisine can have its own magazine and not run out of content? Managing editor, Lilly Chow has found it: Chinese food! The Cleaver Quarterly is dedicated to the world of Chinese food, which we all eat, in fact more people eat Chinese than any other cuisine! By telling stories though writing, photo essays and illustrations, they can explore Chinese food all over the world, its diversity, how it takes root and evolves!

In this tech-savvy, online, digital-era, it is refreshing to see publications like these serving up the best of print. Aesthetically beautiful and scrumptious, these magazines are perfect to curl up with your Saturday morning or adorn your bookshelves!

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