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Do you know what I love more than Food? Films! (And a few other things) but I found a few around town that are worth the watch and go ahead be inspired have some dinner with your movie!

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Deli Man

Erik Greenberg Anjou's documentary, Deli Man - will not only reinvigorate your love of Deli Food. Anjou's was taken about by the dwindling number of Jewish Delicatessens not only in New york but in the US as well and decided to explore the reasons why. During his journey, he discovered the history, culture and romance of pastrami and this ultimate of Jewish cuisine. He also introduces you to the star of the film (other than the pastrami) Ziggy Gruber- a third generation deli man - owner of Kenny and Ziggy's in Houston of all places! He is a true true romantic- go and see why. This movie has heart and soul and tons of beef tongue. Loved the music too. Watch and head to your nearest Delicatessen for a true symphony of the senses afterward.


Steak (R)evolution

As part of the Tribeca Film Festival this year we see French documentary by Franck Ribière about a road trip around the world to find the best steak in the word- why I was not invited I will never know!! The movie explores that much of what we we love about steak is very much part of where we are from. He also delves into all aspects of farming and the the new steak (r)evolution.go

The Birth of Sake

Another doc at the Tribeca Film Festival this year-Just in time for the Sake Wave we are experiencing in New York, this documentary shows how a Japanese owned brewery named Tedorigawa makes this handcrafted libation. A True Foodie evoking an age old process and intricately trained artisans in a ingenious atmospheric tale. Sake with Sashimi a must afterward.


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