The No Tsimmes Guide to Passover

March 31, 2015

To get into Passover season check out the Erik Greenberg Anjou's documentary Deli Manabout the diminishing Jewish deli in US. To get into the spirit, I am going to get my yiddish on so here goes! Give your bubbeh a break from schvitzing  all day and making a hegdesch in the kitchen and shlep to where the real Jews go!


Ess gesunt!

  geshmak gefilte fish

The Gefilteria 

Recently, I was invited by the Culinary Historians of New York to a lecture at the Rodeph Sholom Synagogue  where Jeffrey Yoskowitz spoke of "The Complicated Relationship between Jews and Pork." Intriguing--I realized the speaker is even more so! He is the co-Founder of the The Gefilteria in Brooklyn, a food writer, master pickler and in 30 years will be considered a food historian. I just know it - such Chutzpah- love it. He has a vision: he wants "Old World" Jewish Cuisine to meet the tastes of his generation. With his two co- founders, Liz Alpern and Jackie Lilinshtein, they are well on their way to making that happen--check out their refined and geshmak gefilte fish--with a bissel of  chrain. Also check out his new book, The Gefilte Manifesto: New Recipes for Old World Jewish Foods will be published in 2016.


Streit's Matzo

Streit's Matzo on the Lowers East Side is a great place to get your matzo products to knosh on. Tu mir a toi ve,  go because this factory that has been there since 1925 is moving to NJ soon! I hate when that happens! Aron Streit opened his first matzo factory in 1916 and made all the matzo by hand. Choose from their huge assortment of kosher products and their authentic Matzo- in whole wheat, egg and spelt.


Miles End

Miles End in Brooklyn and Manhattan has a huge fan following. Don't pass- over the opportunity to go pick up some of their cured and smoked brisket, chopped liver and their creative salads- like the Cauliflower Tabbouleh. 



Kutsher's from the Catskills to Tribeca- you can't get more Jewish than that! Don't be a shmuck and hit their Pesach Celebration with their special menu or  ask for their famous: Friday Night Roast Chicken


2nd Avenue Deli

I ate some Kishke (Stuffed Derma) right before I saw the documentary Deli Man. Best here is their Matzoh Ball Soup- the "Jewish Penicillin"!


Russ and Daughters

Honestly I had a hard bagel and so so lox when I visited there a year ago, but the new Russ and Daughters Cafe redeemed itself! Their high-end Cured Salmon is still boss and the sable is "to die for!"  While their hand-dipped macaroons are to "live for!"

Barney's Greengrass

Since 1908, this Upper West Side mainstay is  temple to Smoked salmon AND Sturgeon king. You bring some of this to Dinner and do you know what you will have left? Bubkes . Join them for brunch too it is one of lore. Champagne wishes and caviar khaloymes.  Mekheye!



Ess gesunt!


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