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New Yorkers are notorious for making anything and everything their own: hence NYC pizza! Known for its classic thin, slightly charred crusty slice (but not overwhelmed) with red sauce and cheese. But you’re not a true New Yorker unless you fold that slice! Okay folding is not really a requirement to enjoy NY pizza but greatly encouraged! Here are my favorite pizza joints to enjoy, whether you’re a folder or not!

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Juliana's Pizza 19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

My ultimate favorite slice is from Juliana's in DUMBO. The coal-fired oven pizzeria was opened by the legendary Patsy Grimaldi (yes of Grimaldi Pizza!). In fact Juliana's was the original location of Grimaldi's Pizzeria, but Carol and Patsy Grimaldi opened Juliana's after they sold Grimaldi's. They serve up perfectly thin-crust pizza with homemade mozzarella and fresh tomato sauce in their brick oven! You can see how thin the crust is right before it goes into the oven! Just thick enough to hold the light coating of red sauce and even lighter slices of cheese that it literally melts into the slice!

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Artichoke Basille Pizza 328 E 14th St, New York, NY

Now you can absolutely get a classic slice of pizza with red sauce, mozzarella and basil, but you don’t want that! If you ask anyone waiting on the line out onto the sidewalk on 14th Street chances are they are waiting for the Artichoke slice! Yes, an incredibly large slice (you need two plates to carry it) with a creamy white sauce, with mozzarella and pecorino romano cheese and dotted with artichoke hearts and spinach! Decadent, yes, but you definitely work up an appetite waiting for it! Its like artichoke-spinach dip on a crusty slice of pizza but better. A great way to end after a night hanging at the bar!

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Emily’s 919 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

This charming restaurant should definitely be on your list to try! We had a first taste from Emily’s at Pig Island (Read our recap here) last year when we sampled their wood smoked pork pizza with their house aioli and pig ears! And we were hooked! Stop by Clinton Hills for a taste of something new aside from your classic NYC slice! Thin crust pizzas are perfectly crisp, cooked in a wood fire oven, and not traditional! Yes you can get the Classic, but a hot item is their spicy-sweet the Colony: red sauce and mozzarella, but topped with pepperoni, pickled chili and honey!

DiFara’s 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Another classic in NYC, but in its own right: owner Dom DeMarco makes every pie himself! The dedication and the love is in every bite, making it worth the wait! It may be a bit pricier than a regular slice in NYC, but its worth it for the chunky tomato sauce, quality cheese and torn basil on top!

John’s of Bleecker Street 278 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

Another NY pizza institution! Stop by with friends unless you’re prepared to eat a whole pie by yourself. The coal fired brick oven churns out the essential thin crust pizza, sturdy and chewy, enough to hold the tangy red sauce and very cheesy!

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